The Suitcase Trailer

We are excited to present the trailer for the film The Suitcase. It is currently on the film festival circuit with the next stop being the Downtown Urban Arts Festival in New York City. For more information on the film check out the IMDB page.

Recently Folkstar Productions began to work with internationally renowned Jazz singer Jessica Lalonde. Jessica is a classically trained Jazz singer. Her voice echo’s legendary singers from the 40’s and 50’s with a refreshingly modern spin. Her style is unique, powerful and reminiscent of dynamic female artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Jo Stafford, Helen Forrest and Nina Simone. We recently launched Jessica’s Christmas single and are re-releasing her album “Spinning Daydreams’ in early 2018. You can find all of her music on Spotify. We are very excited to work with Jessica and take her music to the next level.

NEW!! Check out Phil’s past film HUM now exclusively on Viddsee!

Homestead City Update! We are also excited to announce that the launch of our TV series Homestead City NOW LIVE on Bell Fibe TV1.


The Suitcase World Premiere


November 12 at 12PM is the WORLD PREMIERE of “The Suitcase” is screening at Jackman Hall Theatre in The Art Gallery of Ontario! We have been very excited to work on this short film and look forward to sharing it with everyone.

Homestead City

Homestead City is a new lifestyle show being developed by Folkstar Productions for Bell Media. It is currently in development and will be airing soon. For more information

History Channel – Black Watch Snipers

Recently our Producer Graham Folkema was invited to work on a docudrama with Yap Films for the History Channel called the Black Watch Snipers. It features the gripping stories of an elite Canadian sniper unit that launches deadly solo attacks on Nazi forces in “Band of Brothers” type scenario. The result was an action packed couple of weeks with an amazing group of professionals and a brief on screen appearance as one of black watch soldiers. You can checkout the film at


Homestead City – Breadmaster

From idea to actual pilot episode. Here is the first venture into creating a web series about the eco sustainable individuals who go above and beyond in the city to create a healthier environment. In this test episode we pair up with the Local Kitchener to learn more about how fermentation can open up new possibilities for you, your family, and the community.

The Steele Family Foundation – Origins

Education is the universal leveller, and The Steele Family Foundation’s mantra is all about finding ways for all ages to have access to education. Folkstar Productions has been excited to be able to bring the story behind the SFF to life and show how business leaders are trying to enforce a change in the standards of education for all.

The Suitcase (In Production)

The film is currently in post production and going through an assembly cut. In this video we share a little bit about the process towards getting the right animation for the film. It’s a slow process that requires looking though different styles and then making the leap with one that you think will best suit the film. The problem is you never know until you actually see it incorporated into the film. This little behind the scenes session shows some of the decision making behind the animation.




The Suitcase – Short Film (In Production)

FSP is excited to provide more behind the scenes looks at the people behind the short film. Check out our newest instalment we call “Profiles”!


The Suitcase – Short Film (In Production)

A new project FSP is excited to announce is a short film we are currently producing called “The Suitcase”. There is a lot more on the way but here is the first behind the scenes look at the initial stages of producton!



Corrie Zacharia.

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with American recording artist Corrie Zacharia. Checkout her unfiltered and passionate conversation on her life and music.

Corrie Zacharia from Graham Folkema on Vimeo.

Michael Kors Shoot in Shanghai.

Folkstar Productions recently worked with Michael Kors in Shanghai. We had an amazing time showing the MK team the city of Shanghai. Take a look into the adventure with several video’s produced from the event!

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