Folkstar Productions (FSP) is digital media production company focusing on content development with TV and Film. Originally founded in Shanghai, China by Graham Folkema, Folkstar Productions now also calls Toronto, Canada home. Our focus is the creation of digital media with a particular desire to develop content for Asian demographics.

Toronto - Shanghai

We are currently prioritizing film and TV but we have in the past developed digital shorts, music videos, corporate video’s, commercials, and other promotional work. In addition, Folkstar Productions has done extensive work in Shanghai, China with various corporate clientele. With a diversified portfolio of clients and projects, Folkstar Productions is growing and establishing its place it in the Canadian media landscape.

Currently, FSP is working on several projects including an international short film called The Suitcase.

It’s a film about a little girl from rural China whose mother attempts to calm her down as she is smuggled to Canada inside a suitcase. As she confronts airline attendants, guard dogs, and baggage handlers from within the suitcase, the mother paints a rosy picture of her surroundings in order for her not to panic.

This live action / animated film deals with the resilience of immigrants, and the lengths they go through to establish a better future for their family. The film is in Mandarin and subtitled in English. The film’s official website is suitcasefilm.com

FSP has also recently been working on a TV show for Bell Media called Homestead City. It’s a show about sustainable living by using what your environment has to offer, finding your niche and contributing to the community. The show is hosted by the talented Laura Lehman who brings her unique set of skills and interests to be able to unlock some of the personalities we meet. It is now available on AMAZON for live streaming!

In the show, we attempt to profile individuals and the extraordinary ways they go about making the world a better place. Their stories range from sourcing old wool sweaters and turning them into kids clothes to one person who creates a library for tools.

FSP has worked on numerous projects in the past internationally. Ranging from Michael Kors to LululemonGivenchy, Sram and HASKI, FSP has worked with both large scale clients and independent projects.

The project with Michael Kors involved many moving parts, not the least of which was doing it in Shanghai. The event included 1,000 VIP guests such as Hollywood stars like Hilary Swank, Freida Pinto, Camilla Belle and fashion elites such as Karmen Pedaru, Miranda Kerr, Isabeli Fontana, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

You can check out some of the finished projects on the Michael Kors website:


One of our favorite projects was an international brand shoot for the outdoor clothing company HASKI. We shot in both China and Vancouver, Canada for this shoot which made it challenging.

The month-long shoot had us filming/ photographing huskies and models all over the slopes of Whistler.

All the hard work from the shoot was packaged into some concept retail stores that were launched in Shanghai to test out the brand.

Besides some of the large scale commercial clients, FSP also keeps it’s roots close to the community and strives to promote exceptional individuals. One of those opportunities was the aspiring singer Corrie Zacharia.

Working with Corrie was one of the most rewarding experiences as we were able to see her flourish behind the screen and in the studio with her unique voice.

We were also lucky enough to work on branding international artist/ singer/ poet Redic. Originally from Chicago, Redic is now taking China by storm and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Recently Folkstar Productions began to work with internationally renowned Jazz singer Jessica Lalonde. Jessica is a classically trained Jazz singer. Her voice echo’s legendary singers from the 40’s and 50’s with a refreshingly modern spin. Her style is unique, powerful and reminiscent of dynamic female artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Jo Stafford, Helen Forrest and Nina Simone. We recently launched Jessica’s Christmas single and are re-releasing her album “Spinning Daydreams’ in early 2018. You can find all of her music on Spotify. We are very excited to work with Jessica and take her music to the next level.

As Folkstar Productions continues to grow, the emphasis is being focused towards Film & TV. With several pilot concepts and a feature film in development, the future looks bright. If you are interested in what we do we are always interested in meeting you. Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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