Film & TV

The Suitcase (行李箱 )

Folkstar Productions recently produced the short film called “The Suitcase”. It premiered at the REEL Asian International Film Festival in Toronto and is about a little girl from rural China whose mother attempts to calm her down as she is smuggled to Canada inside a suitcase. As she confronts airline attendants, guard dogs, and baggage handlers from within the suitcase, the mother paints a rosy picture of her surroundings in order for her not to panic.

This live action / animated film deals with the resilience of immigrants, and the lengths they go through to establish a better future for their family. It is currently on the festival circuit. More information available at

1. REEL Asian International Film Festival – (November 2016)
2. Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia (IFVA) – (March 2017)

Homestead City

Currently, we are also getting ready to launch a new lifestyle show called “Homestead City”. Hosted by Laura Lehman, the show is about sustainable living. It explores individuals that use their environment to contribute to eco-conscious alternatives for their community. More information can be found on the Facebook page at

1. Bell Fibe TV1 (February 2017)


A struggling musician is given the opportunity to compose a hit single for the largest record label in the world, but his grandfather who has dementia keeps getting in the way of his creative process.

1. Jecheon International Music & Film Festival – Official Selection (Aug 2016)
2. A Palpable Thrill Conference – Official Selection (May 2016)
3. Toronto International Short Film Festival – Official Selection (Nov 2015)
4. Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto – Private Screening (Oct 2015)
5. Drake Hotel – Private Screening (Aug 2015)

My Heritage

My Heritage is a mockumentary short film about the life of Chan Dai Fok, a white man who was adopted and raised by his immigrant Asian father.

1. Toronto Independent Film Festival – Audience Award (Sept 2014)
2. COMMFFEST Film Festival – Making a Difference Award (Sept 2014)
3. Palm Springs ShortsFest & Film Market – Official selection (June 2014)
4. ReelWorld Film Festival – Official Selection (April 2014)
5. WILDsound Film Festival – Audience Award (Nov 2013)

The Lonely Monster

This short film is about a little girl calls on the help of other filmmakers to raise awareness of bullying by creating the ultimate monster movie.

1. Cordoba International Film-Minute Festival – Official Selection (Oct 2014)
2. Toronto Urban Film Festival – Best Local Film (Sept 2014)
3. Gotta Minute Film Festival – Official Selection (Sept 2014)
4. FilmOneFest – Official Selection (Aug 2014)
5. 13th Annual Rock. Paper. Sistahz Festival – Official Selection (Aug 2014)