Graham Folkema

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Graham Folkema – Producer/ Director/ Designer

With more than 8 years of international business experience, Graham Folkema is well suited for many diverse settings. After completing his Masters in the US/China for International business relations, Graham initiated, with an international team, Shanghai’s first English language television station for an audience of 26 million. Here he directed and produced original programming, promotions, and co-produced live news. A highlight was working with the Shanghai International TV/ Film Festival and working a deal that brought Hannah Montana to Chinese television for the first time. The station was formed initially to service the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, but due to high ratings and an overall success, the station continues with original and foreign programming. (

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Capitalizing on these successes Graham quickly transitioned from broadcast media to open his own Media Production business in Shanghai, China. The company, named Folkstar Productions, focused on international and local clients media production needs. Outsourcing with local and foreign media freelancers, Folkstar Productions took on multinational clients like Lululemon and Michael Kors, to small to medium sized local companies. Projects would include designing a new Sesame Street character for a new line of baby skin care products, to directing an international commercial for outdoor gear company Haski. During this time Graham also took on several music projects, working with up and coming international talents such as French/ Chinese singer Beilei and the gifted artist Redic. Building up his reputation in the city for quality media production and promotion, Graham maintained a thriving business for five years in Shanghai, China.

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Currently, Graham continues to take new steps in his ambition to develop his career further. Moving from Shanghai, China to Ottawa/ Toronto, Canada he now embraces new possibilities as he looks to use his experience and talents in a new setting.

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