Jessica Lalonde

Folkstar Productions has always had a close relationship with music at work and in life. Whether it be used in film, tv or commercials, music is an essential part of putting together an amazing story. That’s why when the opportunity came along to work with some talented singers and musicians Folkstar Productions jumped on the opportunity.

The newest addition to our team is Jessica Lalonde, an immensely gifted and beautiful individual whose talent is only surpassed by her passion for music.


Jessica Lalonde is a native of Midland, Ontario. She has been singing since the age of five in music festivals, choirs, and as the lead vocalist for jazz ensembles and big bands.  With such a distinct voice, genuine natural talent and undeniable beauty, she is making waves wherever she goes. She is surprisingly down to earth for someone with such abilities. Jessica is an exceptional and already accomplished artist, who loves to perform and continues to pursue her various musical interests.

Jessica has spent her life following her passion for music. She has had varied musical interests and influences in her life. She grew up with parents that listened to classic rock and grandparents who loved the big band era.  A very pivotal moment for Lalonde was when she discovered Billie Holiday. “I literally became obsessed with her and then my musical voyage emerged from there,” she says.  She also immersed herself in the music of other dynamic female artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Jo Stafford, Helen Forrest and Nina Simone. In addition, Jessica also developed a love for opera and classical music.

Over the years, Jessica has been a featured soloist at various charity venues, galas, and choral concerts.  In 2004, Jessica participated in the world première broadcast of Canadian Composer, Craig Galbraith’s, “The Spell of the Rose” on CBC Radio Two’s “New Hours”. In 2006, she was the winner of the Laurier Concerto Competition and the Stratford Civic Orchestra’s Concerto Competition. Jessica was also the recipient of the Keith Knights Memorial Award for Performance at Laurier. This prestigious award is given to students who show outstanding talent and have a palpable impact on their contemporaries.

Jessica Lalonde’s deep-rooted love and passion for music motivate her to constantly become better at her craft.  The future is very bright for this artist and we can’t wait to see what she will do next. Check out Jessica’s website at and you can listen to Jessica on these music platforms:


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